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Welcome. Cartara Productions introduces the 5th in our series of International SF got kizomba! Festivals – the first 100% Kizomba & Semba festivals in North America - March 12-15, 2015. It features national and international Kizomba and Semba artists, and will take place in world-famous San Francisco. Get ready for our signature IMMERSION™ experience with fewer instructors, and more instruction time, allowing you to fully explore the subject matter. See you there!

Are you new to Kizomba?

Are you dancing other dances, but want to try Kizomba? Maybe you've never danced a day in your life. With our Beginner+ Track, you can learn to social dance Kizomba in the course of the weekend. Join us and tell your friends!

Kizomba – What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is both a style of dance and a style of music. Kizomba is a beautiful partner dance developed in Angola from the late 1980′s to early 1990′s, with influences from other Lusophone countries such as Cape Verde. It is a fusion of Semba (the predecessor of samba) and Zouk (from the French Caribbean Islands). Kizomba music is derived directly from Zouk music and is sung, generally, in Portuguese. It is a romantic genre of music mixed with African rhythm. Kizomba’s popularity is growing rapidly in Europe, and other parts of the world. For experienced dancers, Kizomba is an exciting breath of fresh air. The basics are comfortable to slip into, yet, Kizomba is challenging enough to keep anyone dancing it for years. This also makes Kizomba perfect for anyone wanting to enter the world of dance. A beginner can enjoy the pleasure of social dancing much faster than with other types of partner dances. We are proud to help introduce Kizomba in North America. If you’ve never seen it danced or heard the music, watch a few videos (video 1  video 2  video 3) to get acquainted.

Why choose got kizomba! festivals?

A festival designed by dancers for dancers has numerous benefits:
  • IMMERSION™ Workshops get you deep into the subject
  • Artists are selected on the value they bring to you, therefore, you get only the best education
  • Fewer instructors mean you get to really get to know them
  • The course curriculum is planned to maximize your learning experience over the entire weekend
  • Distinct learning tracks designed for all skill levels. No more guessing which classes to take
  • gk!5 will actually be located within the city of San Francisco, not nearby
  • Close to fantastic shopping in this world-famous city
  • Close to public transportation
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The got kizomba! festivals are LANDMARK events for Kizomba and Semba in North America. They were the first of their kind (all Kizomba&Semba) and the only North American festivals to feature such a high percentage of international talent.


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